MTV’s New Reality Show With Bretman Rock Drops On February 9

Introducing MTV’s latest reality TV star, Bretman Rock. Surprise!

Whispers that beauty influencer and social media powerhouse Bretman Rock was getting his very own MTV reality show have been circulating since 2019; and the whole thing has been so secretive that even we weren’t sure when the series would see the light of day.

The good news is that we can finally confirm that MTV Following: Bretman Rock will officially drop on February 9, 2021. Yup, that’s less than two weeks away, so if you just peed a little bit, that’s fair. 

The series, which commenced filming late last year, is based in Hawaii, where Bretman was raised and continues to be based. MTV Following: Bretman Rock will also include a glimpse into the YouTuber’s family life. Fans will likely have seen some of Bretman’s family in his videos: his sister, Princess Mae, has popped up in some of his videos and herself boasts a decent Instagram following of 12k. Meanwhile, Bretman’s (ridiculously cute) niece Cleo makes regular appearances across his socials. 

As for what else is on the menu, you’ll just have to tune in to find out! [unsubtle wink]

MTV Following: Bretman Rock will drop on MTV’s YouTube channel on Tuesday February 9th at 8am in Melbourne and Sydney (AEDT). 

That’s 7:30am in Adelaide, 7am in Brisbane and 5:30am (!!!) in Perth. 

And for the Kiwis: tune in at 10am (NZDT) and 10:45am in the Chatham Islands (CHADT). 

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