The Most Iconic Looks On The 2020 AMAs Red Carpet, According To An Opinionated Novice

Tracking the most iconic red carpet looks at the 2020 American Music Awards.

It's been hard to care about fashion this year. Ok fine, I have never been that into fashion anyway. Are you happy? To sum up my sense of style, I think some the clothes showcased on SNL's 'Fashion Coward' sketch are actually quite nice. It's minimalism, ok?

Anyway, from tracking Lady Gaga's many masks at the 2020 VMAs to this confronting turn from Alicia Keys, I will never stop offering up the sartorial opinions nobody asked for. This time, it's the 2020 American Music Awards, and guys, it was quite the blowout.

Here are the six most iconic looks from the 2020 AMAs red carpet according to me, a certified (or uncertified) dilettante.

Jennifer Lopez's 'I Still Have Wet Hair As I Showered Late'

AMAs veteran Jennifer Lopez looked unapologetically like Jennifer Lopez in this sparkly two-piece from the French label Balmain. Jen seems like a massive fan of the label; she modelled a pants-and-blazer look that looks to be made from the same material at her AMAs performance two years ago (or not, how would I know).

Unfortunately, it looks like Jennifer didn't have time to dry her hair as she had an overly long shower! We've all been there, Jennifer Lopez! Celebs... they're just like us.

Taraji P. Henson's 'This Face Shield Is Not FDA-approved'

Golden-Globe award winning actress and 2020 AMA host Taraji P. Henson hit the red carpet in this turban and tunic look which probably would've been annoying on anyone but her.

Taraji's handheld mask is an obvious nod to another of 2020's most influential newcomers to the music industry, COVID-19. In fact, while the AMAs were being held in LA, a spike in cases meant a curfew was enacted in California over the weekend as hospitals edge closer to becoming overwhelmed. Should the AMAs in its current imagining really be going on at this time? Maybe not! How wonderful that fashion can start these conversations.

Machine Gun Kelly's 'I Definitely Have Tattoos'

Hey MGK haters. Machine Gun Kelly has arrived at the 2020 AMAs Red Carpet and he's got just one thing to say to you: he's got a bunch of tattoos, and he's going out with Megan Fox. Ok that's two things. Deal with it!

Yep, donning a plunge jacket, some billowy pleated pants, his trusty pearl necklace and what I can only assume are… space boots? The American rapper definitively proves that he 100% has tattoos and is dating Megan Fox. I never doubted you, Machine. May we call you Machine?

Katy Perry's 'I Can Wear Jeans'

It's actually really weird to see Katy Perry wear pants, no offence. The 2020 AMAs is a big one for the singer, as it's now been exactly 10 years since her glitzy performance of "Firework" on the AMAs stage in 2010.

This year she performed what seems like a deliberate antidote to that decade-old performance – she's swapped her long, dark hair for a straight blonde bob, an energetic, firework-filled performance for a seated one (alongside Darius Rucker) and her signature hyper-feminine aesthetic for some double denim.

Dua Lipa's 'I Am Katy Perry Now' 

Oh wait, 2010 Katy Perry turned up after all… just in the form of Dua Lipa. The 2020 AMAs red carpet saw the British singer pay tribute to the most underappreciated sea creatures of our time, probably: the humble starfish. That's right, Dua Lipa's starfish-clad minidress was the only dress to feature any sea life on the 2020 AMAs red carpet that we're aware of, and honestly? We just think that's sad.

Laverne Cox's 'Bona Fide Superhero' 

And now for something completely different, here's Laverne Cox! The Orange Is The New Black actress' sparkly black bodysuit combined with a belted gold gown-cum-cape has her looking like the fanciest superhero we've ever seen. Can't you save us, Laverne Cox? Can we be saved?!? God! Is Satan controlling the universe?? Uh, sorry. I think about that Juliette Lewis clip a lot.

Written by Reena Gupta, a Melbourne-based writer for MTV Australia. Follow her @purpletank

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