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Any young person in Australia will attest to the fact that while we’re often talked about, we’re rarely talked to. (Or offered vaccines.) There really is a scarcity of digital media that actually caters to our interests, and at a time when young people are leading the charge in culture, music and social change, it’s not good enough to leave us out. At, we’re addressing that deficit by offering up unsolicited takes from a bevy of young Australian writers, from one writer’s pointed conviction that Scott Morrison inhabits an alternate universe to some of our more questionable misadventures in lockdown.

Now we want to pass the mic over to you. What’s your honest opinion on Bo Burnham? A new trend that you actually hate? The content you crave? If we may be so bold, why not drop all your thoughts and feelings about us and everything else in our new audience survey?

To sweeten the deal, everyone who completes the survey will be in the running to win 10 major prizes, each of which includes a prepaid gift card to the value of $500 AUD. Surely you’re tempted. Tap the button below to make your feelings known.

We’re excited to hear from you. Thanks for your time, and good luck!

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