Kylie Jenner Is Definitely, Assuredly, 100% Pregnant

A threat to Stormi’s claim to the throne is nigh, as Kylie Jenner Travis Scott confirm they’re both back together and have a second baby on the way.

After weeks of silence from both Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott, and weeks of speculation from everyone else, the beloved celeb couple have confirmed that not only are they back together, they’re expecting their second child!

In a sweet video posted to Instagram, Jenner revealed the news, collating footage of her telling Travis, Kris Jenner and more. The cutest part of the whole thing is that Stormi, who truly feels like was only born yesterday, seems VERY excited about a younger sibling. The kiss she plants on Kylie’s bump at the end of the clip will make your heart melt instantly. Be warned!!!

Pretty much the entire Kardashian clan have given Kylie their congrats in the comments, including Kim, Kourtney, Khloe and Kris (again). Other well wishes come from Kourtney’s boo Travis Barker (this is all getting very confusing) and Bella Hadid, who said she was “bawling” and that Kylie is the “best mama”. No word yet on how Gigi Hadid, a new mother herself, feels about this.

The video Jenner posted follows many rumours that the couple were reunited and expecting, and while we know nothing for certain besides the fact that Kylie is pregnant, there are still rumours needing to be addressed. Namely, how far Kylie is into her pregnancy; last month it was reported she was three months in, and the bump in the video looks pretty far along.

There’s also a fair chance that bebé número dos is due in 2022, but considering that Kylie hid her entire first pregnancy from us until after Stormi was born, we truly can never be sure.

In the meantime, let’s cheers to all the people that signed NDAs and can now finally breathe. You’ve fought the good fight.

Written by Jackson Langford, senior music and culture writer at MTV Australia. Hot takes at @jacksonlangford and hotter pics at @jacksonlangford.

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