Kendall Jenner with hair up, wearing blue pyjamas and grooming eyebrows with spoolie in Vogue 'Beauty Secrets' video

Vogue’s ‘Beauty Secrets’ Videos Sell Women The Same Old Lies

The celebrity beauty videos exploit zeitgeist sensibilities to remind women of the overriding importance of a beautiful face, writes Reena Gupta.
Kath Ebbs looking to the camera with arms crossed, dressed in orange cap and blue shirt over a green skivvy

Pressing Questions With Kath Ebbs

We accost the model and influencer with a medley of life's most pressing questions.

Celeb Spellcheck Has Announced It's Shutting Down For Good

“After weighing up many options, the time has come to say goodbye to celeb spellcheck", wrote the creator of the wildly popular Instagram account.

No, I Will Not Be Getting My Eyebrows Laminated

The eyebrow industry is spiralling out of control, but is anyone ready for that conversation?

Chet Hanks Calls For A “White Boy Summer”, Asks If We Can “Vibe With That”

Tom Hanks’ strangest son is at it again.

The Problem With Celeb Spellcheck

The wildly popular Instagram account, @celeb_spellcheck, boasts over 140k followers. But when does calling out lexical gaffes turn from light-hearted humour to something more harmful?

Elliot Page & Emma Portner Have Unfortunatey, Regrettably, Heartbreakingly Filed For Divorce

The couple have announced they’re parting ways after three years of marriage. I need to lie down for a bit.

Every Coming Out Is Special. Here's Why Jojo Siwa's Is Unique

The impact of seeing queer identities in your heroes from a young age can’t be underestimated. Dani Leever explains why JoJo's announcement will move mountains.

EXPLAINER: Why WhatsApp Users Are Leaving The App In Droves

WhatsApp users are flocking to messaging apps like Signal and Telegram, owing to a change in the app’s privacy policy (and Elon Musk).

Vanessa Hudgens Is Reportedly Dating Baseball Player Cole Tucker

The news comes one year after Hudgens' split with long-time boyfriend Austin Butler.

Charli D’Amelio Jets To The Bahamas Just Days After Lecturing Fans On Pandemic-Appropriate Behaviour

Charli D’Amelio, her sister Dixie and a heap of other influencers flouted California's COVID-19 restrictions for a trip to the Bahamas.