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Interview: ENHYPEN's Debut Year In Their Own Words

The fourth generation K-Pop stars talk to MTV Australia about their new album, overcoming COVID, and celebrating a year together.

Pressing Questions With Amy Taylor

Amyl and The Sniffers' frontwoman tells us the meaning of life and the last movie she watched.

Flight Facilities Will Take Off When They’re Good And Ready

How ‘fucking around’ with a synth collection, fatherhood and a global pandemic informed the creation of Flight Facilities’ long-awaited second album, ‘Forever’, seven years after their debut.

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Wonho On New EP 'Blue Letter': “It Was Time For Me To Convey My Innermost Feelings”

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The Audacity Of The Biopic

TV titans Frank Spotnitz and Freddie Highmore believed they could add layers to the greatest artistic figure humanity has ever seen in their new show, 'Leonardo'. It’s a testament to them that they may have just pulled it off.

Remembering Amy

It’s been 10 years since we lost Amy Winehouse. In a new documentary, Amy’s friend and god-daughter Dionne Bromfield shows the world a side to the icon that got lost in the spectacle.

Home Is Wherever Ngaiire Is

Ngaiire started writing her third album ‘3’ in 2017. Since then, she gave birth despite painful complications, visited her home of Papua New Guinea before COVID-19 forced her departure and lived through historic social justice movements. Now, as ‘3’ finally arrives, Ngaiire tells MTV Australia about how everything’s changed and how she’s learned to accept it.