Lizzo Has Risen To Save Us All, Once Again

As more of Australia continues to plunge into the throes of lockdown some 18 months after the beginning of the pandemic, it can be easy to lose hope. But our lord and saviour, Lizzo, has heard our prayers and is coming to the rescue with her first bop in two years, “Rumors".

Everything might seem fucked right now, and that’s mostly because it is, but if there’s anyone who can make it feel just slightly better, it’s Lizzo.

No, she’s unfortunately not delivering us all vaccinations and ridding us of the revolving door of lockdowns for good (though I still think she’d do a better job than ScoMo). She is, however, delivering us her first song in over two years, “Rumors”.

Not to be confused with the Lindsay Lohan bop of the same name, Lizzo’s “Rumors” – likely to reach the same levels of bopdom if not higher – is due out next Friday, 13th August. But what’s truly scary is that we’ve waited over two years for new music from the superstar, with her debut album Cuz I Love You dropping in 2019.

While we know literally nothing about the song besides its title and release date, Lizzo did share an absolutely fire snap on her Instagram kicking off the hype by simply writing: “NEW ERA BITCH”.

Lizzo has been there for us consistently throughout the coronavirus pandemic, whether it’s leading us through a global virtual meditation or reminding us to try our hardest to work on our mental health. But now she’s ready to give us new music, and in lieu of jabs in our arms, it’s the best gift we could ask for.

This is an opinion piece written by Jackson Langford, senior music and culture writer at MTV Australia. Hot takes at @jacksonlangford and hotter pics at @jacksonlangford.

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