When You Least Expect It
Season 2 E 2 • 23/01/2007
Lauren redeems herself at work and goes on her first date since breaking up with Jason, and Heidi is forced to have a serious talk with her new boyfriend Spencer. At Teen Vogue, Lisa Love asks her interns to work the Ashley Paige swimsuit fashion show. Since Whitney's school schedule gets in the way, Lauren's left to fend the fashion world by herself until Whitney is free. When Spencer picks Heidi up for their talk, she plays the preggers card to see how he'll react. He calms her concerns, telling her he "more than likes her," and that as captain of Team Heidi, he'll stand by any decision. Happy with his answer, she tells him they're in the clear. Although relieved Heidi isn't pregnant, Spencer admits to being angry at the set-up, claiming Audrina is nowhere in the picture. Back in the Hills, Heidi tells Lauren that her pregnancy plan worked. After Lauren's eye-rolling, Heidi shares her next brilliant idea -- setting Lauren up with Spencer's best friend, Brody. Lauren scoffs at the idea, saying he's been "tainted" by another Laguna lady, Kristin. But, according to Heidi, it's too late -- she's already given out her friend's digits. At Ashley Paige's studio, Lauren gets thrown into fashion-production head first. After picking the wick out of a magic candle, Lauren starts piling on responsibilities. She even gets to leave her own mark on the runway by stitching flowers onto an umbrella accessory. Meanwhile, a not-so-out-of-the-picture Audrina receives a phone call from Spencer. When he asks her to grab dinner, she refuses, afraid of creating more beef with Heidi. Before the fashion show, Lauren preps the models for the runway, tying suits and keeping the girls in line. After a successful showing, Ashley compliments her work, asking if she could steal her from Lisa's team. Lisa later compliments Lauren on a job well done, suggesting she follow a fashion show from pre-production to the runway. With her luck on the rise, Lauren prepares for a date with Brody. Although her expectations for the evening are low, a trip to Social with her new guy leaves her giddy and glowing. Charmed by his compliments, Lauren leaves their date all smiles.