Keeping Up with the Kardashians

Scott Disick Would Rather Not Keep Up With The Kardashians

Scott has rid his Instagram feed of every Kardashian and Jenner, with only Travis Scott surviving the cull.

They're Trying To Make 'Keeping Up With The D'Amelios' Happen

Thanks but it's a no.

Apparently Khloé Kardashian & Tristan Thompson Have Called It Quits

Word has it they parted ways after last month’s reports that Tristan cheated on Khloé with model Sydney Chase.

Kim Kardashian Learned Some Lessons From Kris Humphries

“I fully broke up with him in the worst way.”

This Is Probably The Most Awkward Interview You Will Ever Watch

Kourtney and Scott go deep on their break-up and I am dead.

Kim Kardashian Is Apparently Unbothered About Those Kanye-Irina Shayk Rumours

Pettiness is not a word in Kim’s vocabulary.

Kanye West And Irina Shayk Are Almost Definitely Dating

You heard it here first, unless of course you didn’t.

Kourtney Kardashian Is Bored Of The ‘Get Back With Scott’ Storyline On 'KUWTK', And So Am I

Producers, stop trying to make Kourtney and Scott happen.

A Complete Timeline Of The (New) Cheating Allegations Against Tristan Thompson

Honestly, can someone check in on Khloé? This is not ok.

If You Need A Lesson In How To Ward Off Your Ex, Please Consult Kourtney Kardashian

A new clip from ‘KUWTK’ sees poor old Scott Disick telling an extremely indifferent Kourtney Kardashian that ‘it’s hard' to see her with other guys.

Kourtney Kardashian Is Now In Love With Travis Barker & Who Are We To Object

According to an Instagram post, Kourtney Kardashian is in love with Travis Barker, from – and we can’t stress this enough – Blink-182.